Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I have been working the last week to finish quilting my 2014 Block of the Month quilt. I decided that I wanted to do a different design on the mugs so they would stand out a bit. When I quilted those rows, I just stopped my stitching at the edge of the mug and pulled the quilt forward to the other side of the mug. Once I was there, I lowered my needle right at the edge of the mug and quilted to the next mug. I repeated this for each of the mugs in the row and for the rest of the rows that the mugs were in. When I was finished with the mug rows, I went back and cut the threads and tied off each of the ends. I then had to decide what kind of design I wanted on the mugs. I finally chose a a star that has a little heart in it. The pattern was a free download and had several sizes to choose from. I cut out 2 of them, chose the size I liked and marked my quilt. I don't trust myself to free hand something like that because one mistake will stand out a lot.

At this point I had to take a little break because it was the weekend. Because my hubby doesn't really like me to sew/quilt on the weekend, I try to only do little things that don't keep me in my sewing area long. I wanted to concentrate on these designs and do them all at the same time so I elected to wait until Monday to finish up.

This is after I gave the snowmen some eyes. What a difference it makes!

I laid it out in the entry hall and trimmed it.

It's finally ready for the binding.

So now I need to make the binding and the label. I just got the material for the binding but couldn't cut it until I move my sewing machine back to it's normal spot. I have been moving it to my "peninsula" for quilting because the quilt has room to go off the back of the machine. It's normal place has a wall behind it and I use the peninsula for my cutting mat, which stays out all the time. I'll post pictures when it's all finished.

Here's a little project that I worked on over the weekend. I cut the pieces on my small mat (placed in my sewing machine spot) and sewed it a little bit at a time over the weekend.  It's the Aurifil
block and it's just 15 inches square. The first picture is all the parts and the second one is after it's put together. I need to sandwich it, quilt it and then bind it. Since it's so small, I can work a little every day until it's finished. I can't wait to hang it in my sewing space! 

This block can be found here (read to the end to find the pattern): https://auribuzz.wordpress.com/2015/01/14/aurifil-2015-designer-of-the-month-gudrun-erla/#more-4731 

I hope not to be long posting pictures of my finished block of the month, which was finally titled "Minnesota Winter Wonderland".

See you soon!
Have a blessed day!