Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Where Does the Time Go?

This post was originally written in June and never published. So I'm going to put this one out there so that I can jump start myself ! So this info is old but still valid. I will begin working on a new update and see if I can catch up.

Does it ever just seem that a whole bunch of time has passed and you didn't really notice? Of course you know that time is moving on but sometimes it is hard to believe how quickly. I can't believe that it's already mid June and I have not written a post since April. I've had things to do during these last couple of months but not so much that I couldn't write. I think a lot of it is because blogging is fairly new to me and it's not a habit yet. 
With that said, I'll give an update on what's new with me.

I'm still working on my vacation block of the month with Pat Sloan. May's block is done and June's block is in the planning stages. 
This is the block for May, called Beach Bag.
I've narrowed down the fabrics for June's block but have been busy working on other things so I put it aside for now. When we started this BoM, we numbered our fabric and usually I just use whatever "number" fabric that Pat has used but this time I decided to do it differently. I started my color palette with a FQ pack that I had and added extra fabrics to with those fabrics. When using Pat's set-up with a certain number of each color, I had a few fabrics that didn't really work as well for one reason or another. I decided to pull one of them for the center of this block because they just seem to work well. Now to decide which one! Here is what I'm considering.

I've been working on this one with the fabrics that I showed you last time.

Talk to you again soon - hopefully in a few days.