Thursday, April 17, 2014

Triangle Quilt Along

Week 2 we cut our triangles - 206 of them! Here are mine.

Next we laid out our triangles in 12 rows with 17 triangles in each one.
 I started sewing mine but wasn't really happy with it. So I snapped a few black and white pictures to see what stood out. I had an area with no darker reds and an area with too many darker reds. This picture is after I was satisfied with the new layout.
  1. Here is some chain piecing.

 Can you see the little pins? I was having trouble keeping up with which triangle was supposed to be pointed up and which needed to be pointed down so this is the system I devised. I pinned only the odd ones on the straight side, moving the pin to the right a little on each pair. This row has been sewn in pairs with the extra guy on the top. It has really been a big help to mark this way. I used glass head pins in case I accidentally ironed over them.

This is when I was halfway finished piecing the rows. 

Tomorrow or Saturday I'll have another post with week 4. This is the post that I forgot to post last week!

Have a great day on Friday!

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