Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mug Rug Swap

Last post I gave you a little peek of something that I had finished working on but couldn't share yet. Now I can tell you more. I participated in a mug rug swap sponsored by Fort Worth Fabric Studio.

The theme was spring and we were to make our mug rugs and get them in the mail by March 2. The snippet that I showed you was a small part of the rug that I made. Here's a picture of the whole rug.

I went searching for "spring" things and I really loved this little butterfly. I made it with one of my favorite colors - purple. I sent it off with a little extra of the print fabric and a small amount of two solids that would coordinate with it.

I received my mug rug in a box about a week before the "mail by" date. Inside the box was a really cute mug rug in one of my other favorite colors (green), a mug, some tea, and some really neat fabric. Oh yeah, there was a really delicious cookie in the box too . . .  yes, I've already eaten it. The fabric is really neat - it's not fabric I would normally buy for myself but I love it. I can't wait to find something to make with it.
It was sent to me by Tanyia, who lives in Florida and has a blog called 
Domestic deficit disorder. Check out her post about the swap and look around while you're there.
We weren't sent any information about who we were sending our rug to so it was one of those times when you make something that you like and hope that they like it too. I didn't realize until I addressed my package to her that we were actually swapping with each other, which was kinda neat. The appliqued mug rug that she sent me had a silhouette on it which reminds me of the logo for the subdivision that I live in and I love that. Are you ready for pictures now?  Here is the mug rug

and all the goodies she sent with it (minus the cookie).

While my husband is at the deer lease trying to shoot some pigs, I will be cleaning up my sewing space and finishing up a wall hanging UFO. I'm trying to get it finished so that I can display it. Hopefully I can share it soon!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!



  1. Sweet butterfly! And your partner really captured spring with that puddle fun!

  2. Those are both darling and cheery!

  3. Love your butterfly! So sweet! The mug rug you received is really cute! What a fun design! :) Thank you for joining in on the fun!