Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Block of the Month
I have finished my May block of the month from Quilt Doodle designs (see side bar for a link to more information). This block of the month is a challenge for me because because it uses 2 ½ inch squares. This month we are making a fir tree to go beside of our house. We've already made a larger tree for the one side and this cute little tree looks so good on the other side. Here are some pictures.

May's block

The house, tree, and star blocks will placed just like they are and the snowman block will go below the house a little bit.
Jan - May blocks
Below is a picture of my new best friend when making HST blocks. I had seen these Bloc_Loc rulers and knew I just had to have some of them. There is a groove on the back that fits over your seam allowance and allows you to line up and cut your block easily. I bought a set that has 2½, 4½, and 6½ inch squares and I really like them. I did find out the hard way that you need to  make sure to put it on the square the right way. I had to throw out one of my blocks because the seam did not go from corner to corner. I marked the side that needs to go on the seam line with an S to make sure I put it the right way after that.
Can you see the S that I wrote on it?

Table runner
One day I had a few minutes and decided to cut out a table runner that a friend and I were both making. She had struggled a bit with this runner that was labeled "easy" so I wanted to see how difficult it really was. It went together pretty easily and now I'm ready to back it and do a little quilting on it. The colors go with the colors in my house and will look even better when I get the green binding on it.

I don't know what I'll be working on next. I have several projects that need some finishing that I may make a priority. 
Have a good rest of the week!

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  1. Your house turned out perfectly and what a fun BOM! Thanks for sharing at Linky Tuesday! Freemotion by the River