Sunday, June 15, 2014

Not Much Sewing

This has been a strange 10 or so days for me - - I have done little to no sewing! I think I've been decompressing

I did do a little sewing on a little jumper for my almost granddaughter. Does anyone else have an almost grandchild? My best friend's daughter had a baby last July and since I have known her since before she was born 27 years ago, she considers me her second mom. Little Caroline, along with her mom and dad, live in Newfoundland, Canada while her daddy works on a project there. When I went to Newfoundland last July with her grandmother to see her and help out her mom, I bought the Newfoundland plaid material to make her a jumper. I want to send it to her since it should fit soon but I'm having trouble putting the buttonholes in it. It's very weird to make perfect buttonholes on a scrap fabric but have to unsew the buttonholes (not once but twice) on the jumper itself. I have put it aside for a day or so and then I'll try again. 
This is what it looks like so far.

FABRIC SWAP: I am doing something new for me - I'm participating in a brick fabric swap. I saw a notice for a swap by It was for American Made Brand solids so I decided 
to participate. There are 50 colors 
of solid fabrics that are made in the US. Each participant was assigned
2 colors to cut into 25- 5 x 10 inch bricks (I was assigned dark raspberry and lime). After they've all been cut, sent in, and sorted, I will receive 1 brick of  each color in the mail. There is a link on my sidebar to the original post about the swap. Here are my two colors. I don't know yet what I will do with the bricks - I'm open to ideas if anyone has anything!
Leave a comment if you can think of something good. I will post pictures of the bricks when I get them.

BOM: The last thing that I started working in on (but not sewing or quilting yet) is my June Block of the Month. I have gone through my fabrics and chosen the ones that I will use. I have them cut and ready to start sewing. The larger ones are for half-square triangles- I like to sew 2 larger squares together and then cut into 2 HST and trim to size. The directions just use 2 squares the size needed that are sewn on the diagonal and the extra trimmed off. When I do that, my squares are never large enough and I feel wasteful. Here are my squares; the uncut silver/gray fabric is for the skate blades which are added after the block is finished. If you look close, you can see a picture of the finished block. There will be 4 skate blocks joined together for this month. See sidebar for link to this BoM. 

GOALS: I have several goals for the rest of the month for my sewing and quilting. I need to finish the block of the month and the jumper for Caroline. I also really need to finish the weighted blanket that I started for my niece's son (I had to suspend work on it when my back started hurting too much to deal with the weight) and get it in the mail to him. The last thing I want to do this month is to get my craft room straightened up and reorganized. I may not get it finished but my goal is to at least get started with it!

The last call link up has gone out for everyone's triangle quilt. All quilts that are linked by the end of July are eligible for a prize. You should stop by and look at all the quilts that have been done. They are really nice!

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