Monday, November 28, 2016

Looking Back and Looking Forward

I have not done very well with my blog this year and it makes me sad to think about it. So I've decided to make a change in the way I blog. In the past, I think I've tried to put too much in print, to make my blog have lots of pertinent info about what's been going - I think this has made it hard me to blog because I can't find time to finish a post. This is the change that I'm going to make - I'm going to make an entry and just put into it whatever I can at that time. If I don't have pictures, there won't be any for that entry. If it's just a few lines long, that's what you will see. I'm not going to save it for days on end and try to finish  it up later.

So here's what's been happening with me lately!

My hubby retired in July after 30+ years at the same company. That means he is home all the time and this has been a big change for me. It feels even stranger because I haven't retired. This means that I still have to wash, cook, clean, iron, plan meals, etc. And I still want to sew . . . . another change in the way this gets done. I also continue to substitute a few days here and there.

For sewing/quilting, I have joined in the Splendid Sample project, hosted by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson. It will be 100 - 6" (finished) blocks, plus a few bonus blocks here and there. I am using my stash (mostly) but I bought a fabric to put in a lot of the blocks to tie them together. I'm a little behind but am working to catch up. Here are a few that I finished recently.


At the end of May, I had surgery on my left rotator cuff and expected to be several months without sewing or quilting. It turns out that the tear was much smaller than they thought so they removed a sizable bone spur, which resulted in a much easier rehab. So once I could hold my ruler down without a lot of pain I began sewing again. This is why I got behind in my Splendid Sampler blocks.

I have been doing more embroidery with my machine. Here are a couple of projects that I have done in the last couple of months.


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